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NEW Unique antibodies from Monosan

CD10/Calla, CD31/PECAM1, CD326/EPCAM, CEA, CK17, CK18, CK19, CK5 (CK-HMW), Desmin, ECAD, GCG, HER2, Ki67, Pan Cytokeratin, p63a

Monosan has recently expanded their portfolio with 15 new antibodies. The antibodies are carefully optimized and fine-tuned with the needs of today's research and clinical IHC laboratory.

MON5150-1Mouse anti-CD10/CallaBS1
MON5151-1Mouse anti-human CD31/PECAM-1BS50
MON5152-1Mouse anti-CD326 EPCAMBS14
MON5153-1Mouse anti-human CEABS33
MON5154-1Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 17 BS77
MON5155-1Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 18 (CK-LMW)BS83
MON5156-1Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 19BS23
MON5157-1Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 5 (CK-HMW)BS42
MON5158-1Mouse anti-DesminBS21
MON5159-1Mouse anti-E-CadherinBS38
MON5160-1Mouse anti-GlucagonBS71
MON5161-1Mouse anti-HER2BS2
MON5162-1Mouse anti-HER3BS45
MON5163-1Mouse anti-human Ki67BS4
MON5164-1Mouse anti-human Pan CytokeratinBS5
MON5165-1Mouse anti-p63aBS63

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