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New Antibody: p63a, clone BS63

The p63 gene is a homologue of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. Like p53, p63 contains a
transactivation (TA) domain induce the transcription of target genes, a DNA binding
domain, and an oligomerization domain (OD), used to form tetramers.

In contrast to p53,the p63 gene encodes for at least six major isotypes. Three isotypes (TAp63α, TAp63β,and TAp63γ) contain the transactivating (TA) domain and are able to transactivate p53report genes and induce apoptosis. p63 is highly expressed in the basal cells of the epithelium significant for proper limb outgrowth and morphogenesis.

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0.1 ml, MON5165-0.1
1.0 ml, MON5165-1
7.0 ml, MON-RTU5165

Not available in the US, due to restrictions.

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