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NEW: Mouse anti-E-cadherin, clone BS38

E-Cadherin is a 120 kDa transmembrane glycoprotein that is localized in the adherents junctions of epithelial cells. There, it interacts with the cytoskeleton through the associated cytoplasmic catenin proteins. In addition to being a calcium-dependent adhesion molecule, E-Cadherin is also a critical regulator of epithelial junction formation.

Its association with catenins is necessary for cell-cell adhesion. These E-cadherin/catenin complexes associate with corical actin bundles at both the zonula adherents and the lateral adhesion plaques. Tyrosine phosphorylation can disrupt these complexes, leading to changes in cell adhesion properties. E-Cadherin expression is often down-regulated in highly invasive, poorly differentiated carcinomas. Increased expression of E-Cadherin in these cells reduces invasiveness. Thus, loss of expression or function of E-Cadherin appears to be an important step in tumorigenic progression.

Tissue specificity: Non-neural epithelial tissues.

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0.1 ml format, cat. no. MON5159-0.1
1.0 ml format, cat. no. MON5159-1
7.0 ml format, cat. no. MON-RTU5159 (ready-to-Use)

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