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Highlights Monosan Xtra

  • CD10 (picture) Clone 56C6 Cat. no. MONX10353 Recommended for the research of small B-cell lymphomas and the subtyping of lymphoblastic leukemias.
  • TTF-1 Clone SPT24 Cat. no. MONX10584 Recommended for use in the classification of tumors of the thyroid and lung.
  • Specific binding has been demonstrated by immunoprecipitation with c-erbB-2 oncoprotein SKBr3 cells. MONX10221 is recommended for determining the c-erbB-2 oncoprotein status of breast and bladder cancers.
  • CD5 Clone 4C7 Cat. no. MONX10334. CD5 antigen is expressed in 95 per cent of thymocytes and 72 per cent of peripheral blood lymphocytes. In lymph nodes, the main reactivity is observed in T cells. CD5 antigen is expressed by many T cell leukaemias, lymphomas and activated T cells. CD5 antigen is also expressed on a subset of B cells. Reactivity can be observed on occasional cells in B cells of normal lymph nodes, in particular, mantle zones. MONX10334 is recommended for the identification of mantle cell lymphomas. Antibodies to CD5 may prove to be of particular use in the detection of T cell acute lymphocytic leukaemias (T-ALL), some B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemias (B-CLL) as well as B and T cell lymphomas.
  • CD3 Clone PS1 Cat. no. MONX10320Recommended to be used as part of a panel of antibodies to indicate T cell phenotype in lymphoproliferative disorders. 
  • Estrogen Receptor and Progesteron Receptor (duo pack) Clones 6F11 & 16 Cat. no. MONX10110 Clone 6F11 is recommended for determining the estrogen receptor alpha status of breast cancer tissue. Clone 16 is recommended for determining the progesterone receptor alpha status of breast cancer tissue. A and B forms are detected in Western blotting procedures but only the A form is detected in immunohistochemical procedures.  

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