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Muscle Markers Update:

Stock is available and we are continuing to supply this range globally.

We understand there is some confusion within the field around the supply of the MONOSAN Muscle Marker range. We want to clearly communicate some key points to our customers. 

• Due to a change in regulations, we were forced suspend manufacture temporarily of these lyophilized markers

• We building up stock of these products and they are available to order

• We are committed to converting these to a revised format in the future


Products in stock and available to order:



MONX10791                  Beta Dystroglycan                     43DAG1/8D5                 1ml


MONX10794                  Calpain                                     Calp3c/12A2                 2.5ml


MONX10792                  Calpain                                    Calp3c/11B3                  2.5ml


MONX10812                  Alpha Sarcoglycan                     Ad1/20A5                     1ml


MONX10814                  Beta Sarcoglycan                      BSarc1/5B1                   1ml


MONX10816                  Delta Sarcoglycan                      DSarc3/12C1                 1ml


MONX10823                  Utrophin                                   DRP3?20C5                   2.5ml


MONX10797                  Dystrophin                                Dy4/6D3                       2.5ml


MONX10798                  Dystrophin                                Dy8/6C5                       2.5ml


MONX10799                  Dystrophin                                Dy10/12B2                   2.5ml


MONX10800                  Dystrophin                                13H6                            1ml


MONX10801                  Dystrophin                                34C5                            1ml


MONX10804                  Emerin                                     4G5                              1ml


MONX10817                  Gamma Sarcoglycan                  35DAG/21B5                 1ml


MONX10796                  Dysferlin                                  Ham3/17B2                  1ml


MONX10795                  Dysferlin                                  Ham1/7B6                    1ml


MONX10805                  Merosin                                   Mer3/22B2                    1ml


MONX10809                  Myosin Heavy chain (smooth)    S131                            1ml


MONX10808                  Myosin Heavy chain (neonatal)   WB-MHCn                     1ml


MONX10806                  Myosin Heavy chain (dev.)         RNMy2/9D2                  1ml


MONX10807                  Myosin Heavy chain (fetal)         WB-MHCf                      1ml


MONX10811                  Myotilin                                    RSO34                          1ml


MONX10818                  Spectrin                                    RBC2/3D5                     1ml




In the meantime if you have any issues or concerns, please contact your MONOSAN team by email for further assistance.




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