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MONOSAN Reagents
General Conditions
Protocols inklappenProtocols
ABC Technique using Cultured Cells Grown on Glass Cover Slips
ABC Technique using Monoclonal Antibodies on Frozen Sections
ABC Technique using Monoclonal Antibodies on Paraffin Sections
ABC Technique using Polyclonal Antibodies on Frozen Sections
ABC Technique using Polyclonal Antibodies on Paraffin Sections
Antigen Unmasking Technique using EDTA
Antigen Unmasking Technique using Sodium Citrate Buffer
Direct Flow Cytometry
Indirect Flow Cytometry
Trypsin Digestion of FFPE Tissues Prior to IHC
Western Blotting
Zamboni's-fixed Frozen Sections in IHC
News inklappenNews
Sanbio B.V. Partners with BenchSci to Augment Visibility and Purchasability of its IHC Antibodies
DAKEWE BIOTECH CO. new distributor of Monosan in China
Pragostem Ltd. now distributes Monosan in Czech Republic and Slovakia
Samples available for our Mouse anti-human Pan Cytokeratin, BS5 clone
New MONOSANĀ® format MDR1 P-gp (ABCB1) clone JSB-1
*Promotion has currently expired* Check out our Summer Deal for Monosan RTU!
More publications with Monosan antibodies!
New MONOSANĀ® formats MRPm5 and BXP-53
Muscle Markers Update:
New publications Monosan
NEW: Mouse anti-Aflatoxin B1 & B2
Highlighted product; MON6023 - Mouse anti-Human L-FABP, clone L2B10
Sapphire now distributes Monosan in Australia and New Zealand
New Highly Optimized Antibodies: AMACR, P53, androgen receptor, CD14
New Antibody: Mouse anti-HER2
New Antibody: Mouse anti-Glucagon, clone BS71
NEW: Mouse anti-E-cadherin, clone BS38
NEW antibody: Mouse antibody anti Chromogranin A, clone LK2H11
New Antibody: Mouse anti-Desmin, clone BS21
New Antibody: Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 5 (CK-HMW)
New Antibody: Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 19, clone BS23
New Antibody: Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 18 (CK-LMW)
New Antibody: Cytokeratin 17
New Antibody: Human CEA, clone BS33
New Antibody: CD326 EPCAM, clone BS14
New Antibody: Pan Cytokeratin, clone BS5
New Antibody: p63a, clone BS63
New Antibody: CD31/PECAM, clone BS50
New Antibody: CD10 CALLA, clone BS1
NEW Unique antibodies from Monosan
Try your MDR antibody now
Monosan, Multidrug Resistance Protein (MRP) antibodies
Monosan winter update
Monosan Mismatch repair (MMR) proteins, MLH-1 highlighted
New Monosan Antibody Release: Adenovirus (20/11 & 2/6)
New from Monosan: Polyclonal Antibodies against Tryptophan Metabolites
Sanbio B.V. acquired the rights on a selected range of cell Lines from Pathology Department VU Medical Center in The Netherlands
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Mouse anti- Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CA IX) (MRQ-54), now available from Monosan!
New Monosan Product, Mouse anti-Human NSE (MRQ-55), MON3369!
Palex, always at your side
Monosan improves titer!
New Monosan products, anti-HGAL antibodies!
New Monosan Product! Anti-Human S100P
Monosan Streptavidin R-Phycoerythin (R-PE) 30% discounted!
New Monosan Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 5/6 with clone D5/16B4
MONOSAN Xtra Detection Systems
Highlights Monosan Xtra
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