MONOSAN® Antibodies & Reagents
for life science research 

What our relations say

MONOSAN® is a reliable and consistent provider of quality research antibodies and reagents.

Ashrina Pratap, Sapphire Bioscience Pty. Ltd., Australia

We have been working with MONOSAN® for many years and have always found them very helpful, providing excellent customer service and excellent product support, that’s why we have continued to work with them for so long.

Rick Bhatt, Newmarket Scientific, United Kingdom

Cedarlane and it’s customers have always valued the relationship and product offering provided by MONOSAN®


Blake Course, Cedarlane, Canada

About us

MONOSAN® offers antibodies and reagents to the life science research community. As a brand name of Sanbio B.V. in the Netherlands, MONOSAN® started to market the first Anti-Rat T-cell monoclonal antibody in 1979. Over the last 40 years the range of antibodies has tremendously increased.

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